“Your brand or your name is simply your reputation” ~ Richard Branson


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There is a lot written about branding your business. What exactly does this mean? Your business is establishing a brand for itself whether you are trying to create one or not.

The term “to brand” is to develop a trademark for the business, a way that your customers identify you and what you have to offer.  As said before, whether you are intentionally creating a brand for your business or not, you are doing it with your clients/customers or those you serve.

Your “branding” actually starts with what people hear about your business and then what they say when they visit your place of business.   What your business looks like from the outside to the inside affects your brand.

Think about this; would you go to a doctor or dentist’s office that was in a run down building, which was dirty and the property was not kept up? Probably not.

What if the outside looked okay, but once you got inside the place was a mess the staff had wrinkly scrubs on and their desks were piled high with papers and charts, would you stay?  And if you did stay would you come back again?

Take this one step further, and you stayed for your appointment. The assistant came and took back to a treatment room. Once you were seated you saw that the counters and floors weren’t clean, would you stay?

The doctor/dentist walked in to greet you and their white coat was all wrinkled and had stains on it.  This is an extreme example, but I have been into some businesses that have no pride of who they are and it is very evident by their appearance.

In this instance what is this office brand saying?

Many business owners do not think about the fact that their business brand starts from the outside of their building and then carries throughout the whole office or store.  The clients experience defines they businesses brand.

The employees add even more to the visible brand of the business when they encounter the customers.  They usually have the first contact with them and no matter how nice they were on the phone once the customer is in the office and the employee’s appearance and attitude are visible, what do they say?

The employees need to score an A+ for the business or there can be lost customers.  An important point to remember is not only that the business may lose this customer, but those potential customers that this one customer will make sure they tell about their poor experience with the business as a whole..

Have you ever wondered why clients, patients or customers never return for a second visit to your business?

Take a few minutes today to ponder what your work environment looks like and feels like to others, that you serve.  Ask yourself “what is our brand and what are we saying with it to our customers?”  This is good food for thought and not just for today, but everyday, your business success depends on it.

Richard Branson states “you need to fight to protect your brand”  It is that important.

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