Your Co-Workers Don’t Like You




Earlier this week a read a post on The North Jersey Small Business Form blog titled “20 reasons your co-workers don’t like you.”  The reasons are very interesting as most of them relate to personality types.

This article has stuck in my mind all week.  Several of the reasons it points out are very common in the workplace and often not addressed by management.  Thus the reason that co-workers end up not liking each other.

Here are five of the reasons that I picked from the list only because I have witnessed and had to deal with them in our office.  I will list the issue and then state what management should have done to take care of the issue.

1. Your co-workers don’t like you because they think you are lazy.  If management thought you were lazy then they should have let the employee know what they needed to do in order to keep up the tasks of their position?  Management staff need to be aware of what each staff member is responsible for and they need to make sure that they are completing all tasks assigned to them.  This would make sure that employees are not lazy and if they are they will no longer be employed.

2. Your co-workers don’t like you because you are a complainer.  Staff members need to have open communication with their superiors.  In cases where other employees are continual complainers management staff need to address their complaints directly and let them know that if they have issues or complaints, they should not complain to their co-workers but to management who can then deal with the issues.  If they are just whiners, then maybe they are not the employee that you want.

3. Your co-workers do not like you because you don’t listen.  The employee that thinks they know everything and does not listen to others is not a team player.  They will cause frustration within the troops and this needs to be addressed right away by management. Everyone is a team player and deserves to be listened to and their thoughts considered.  If a staff member does not want to consider what other team members have to say then they should not be part of your team.

4. Your co-workers don’t like you because you talk too much.  Listening is the bigger part of the communication cycle.  If you are talking more than you are listening then you are not able to hear the issues at hand and deal with them properly.  People think because they are great talkers that they are good communicators and this is not so.  You need to listen first, ponder what has been said and then determine what is the proper response in order to have good communication.  Chatty people usually do not hear very well and others usually do not like being around them.

5. Your co-workers don’t like you because you are just too friendly.  Wow, does that seem fair?  Many times people are uncomfortable because their co-workers can make friends with everyone at work.  They seem so caring and empathetic that people cannot believe that their concern is for real.  They feel that they must be kissing-up to people to be popular or to get information from others to move up the chain of command.   When in fact, they just love people and what to have a great time at work.  I say if your friendliness is from the heart then go for it!

These are just five of the 20 reasons.  Take a look at the rest and see what you think.  It is important that we learn to understand fully and accept people for who they really are instead of drawing snap conclusions that we have conjured up ourselves.

Let me know what you think about any of these 20 reasons and what can be done about them.  I enjoying hearing from you.  Have a great weekend!

20 Reasons Your Co-worker Don’t Like You

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