You’ve Got To Slow Down To Speed Up

My friend and colleague, Dr. Peter Wishnie, always teaches that you need to “slow down to speed up”.  Over the years I have found this to be true in many circumstances I have encountered.

Sometimes I get an idea from a book or podcast and think, “oh I want to do that.” And then I order the book or start trying to figure out how to implement the idea or goal into my plan and before I know it, I am derailed from anything I was working on before this “fantastic idea” led me away.

Now it is not that I shouldn’t follow a new idea, it is that I need to slow down and finish what I am currently doing and set up a plan for my new idea so that I can be successful at achieving it in the right timeline.  It is very hard not to follow those “bright shiny objects”- they are so appealing.  But if we allow ourselves to be distracted before we complete what we have started we will become very disappointed with ourselves.

Unless it is something that there is a small window of time to take advantage of, then there is time to finish what you are currently working on before you start something else.

One other thing I learned from “slow down to speed up” is that I sometimes am able to find an even better “shiny object” by thinking things through, and this has been very beneficial.

So next time you feel yourself wanting to “chase sparkly things” remember the advice my friend Dr. Wishnie shared.  I am sure you will be happier in the long run when you take the time to slow down to speed up.

Keep moving forward,


The Practice Management Institute

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